The Allure And Beauty Of Italian Curtains

Published: 14th June 2011
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One of the most popular decorating styles these days is the Italian style. The dcor is classy without being too elaborate. This style was predominant during the renaissance in various cities like Florence, Tuscany and Rome, besides Italian palazzos and other palaces/large homes scattered all over Europe.

The basic Italian look is luxurious as well as heavy. Traditionally, Italian curtains are made from a blend of cotton and silk. Thus, these curtains enjoy the sturdiness and ease of maintenance of cotton while boasting of the beauty and grandeur of silk. Typically, Italian curtains are available in earth-toned, warm colors such as beige, gold, cream and burgundy. Wine reds and certain shades of green were also popular with the Tuscans.

Italian curtains, like all window drapes, must be chosen according to the dcor of the room as a whole. For instance, a more modern, uncluttered room requires curtains that are in rich tones of cream or pale yellow. In such a dcor, the bright walls may be set off with just a touch of color in the curtains.

While choosing fabrics, it must be remembered that one can opt for solid colors or choose a lightly textured fabric. Crushed sheer cottons look stunning when they are set off against the right background. Soft fabrics like silk blends enable one to achieve a super chic modern look in the room. Modern Italian style window dcor makes use of lace and sheer curtains too.

Italian curtains may be combined with window valances to offer the right look. In fact, valances are a commonly appearing element in the Italian dcor. Large windows, particularly, can benefit from a combination of valances and drapes. On the other hand, one may opt for a more simple design too if one is targeting a less formal look. Both Italian and Tuscan styles lend themselves well to simplicity and elaborate designs, depending on the tastes of the user.

Another common element of the Italian design is the use of matching drapes on the bed too. By draping the top of the bed, it is possible to achieve a romantic and elegant atmosphere within the room. For a breathtaking sense of drama, the head of the bed may also be decorated elaborately with rich Italian curtains.

Italian curtains may be used to treat windows and large sliding glass doors. The Italians used curtains to hide doors and passageways in the interior of their homes. This is a neat way of hiding say a closet door. A draped curtain may even be used to separate the recessed areas of the room and sectioning it off.

Italian designs showcase eclectic taste and do not bore the onlooker no matter how many times one has seen the same. That said, if you are targeting the Italian look, then, it is necessary to follow the styles and designs established by the Italians.

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