How To Wear A Magnetic Bracelet Correctly

Published: 28th January 2011
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Magnetic healing bracelets have gained popularity due to their non-invasive and painless healing methods. Wearing a magnetic bracelet helps to realign disturbances created in the body's magnetic field. This, in turn, can help you overcome nagging, chronic ailments and reduce pain, especially in the wrists, arms and elbows. Magnetic wristlets can also bring some relief to the knee and hip areas.

Tips on Wearing a Magnetic Bracelet

It is believed that these bracelets work best when worn near the major acupuncture points on the body. Here are a few tips on how to achieve the best results from wearing a magnetic bracelet:

Identify the Poles

Read through the instructions that accompany the wristlet to identify the positive and negative sides. Therapists usually recommend that people place the negative pole of the magnet next to the skin.

Consult a Reflexology Map

Get a reflexology book from a local library or a book store. Go through the reflexology map and learn about the wrist acupressure points. Wear the bracelet on the wrist that contains the acupressure points for the affected area. For instance, acupressure points for the spine are located near the left hand, so wear the bracelet on the left wrist to address spine ailments. However, if you are suffering from gastrointestinal disorders, it is preferable to wear the bracelet on the right wrist.

Not Too Tight

It is important to place the magnetic bracelet close to the affected area. However, the bracelet should not be worn too tightly. Wearing the bracelet too tightly can cause discomfort and skin irritation due to an accumulation of moisture or sweat.

It is preferable to select a size that is slightly larger than the size of your wrist. It is believed that slight movements of the magnets give more effective results than stationery magnets.

Remember to remove the bracelet while showering, bathing, swimming or washing your hands. The bracelet can get damaged due to soap-scum buildup. Also, the chemical present in the pool or salt water can corrode the metal in the bracelet.

Avoid hitting or dropping your bracelet on a hard surface because this can reduce or remove its magnetic properties. Never clean the bracelet with a jewelry cleaning machine, as it can also remove its magnetism. Additionally, cleaning the bracelet with jewelry cleaner can corrode the magnets. You may clean your bracelet with a mild soap solution and a soft cloth.

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