Essential Features and Aspects of an ERP Software System

Published: 06th July 2011
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Anerp software system integrates all the management functions of a business, including planning, production, inventory control, order processing, accounting, employees, profits and more. In order to ensure the smooth running of an organization, various eBusiness software solutions tend to run in the background. There are various ERP business software solutions available in the market that can assist in managing a number of business activities. However, a company needs to choose the right ERP software system that can efficiently carry out its specific business activities.

Salient Features of a Sound ERP Software System

Here are the basic features of a sound ERP software system:

1. Once developed, it can be further amended and updated as the need arises.
2. It is based on a reliable file structure.
3. It provides compatible tools for data enquiries and report writing.
4. It provides a sound interface to interact with the other elements involved in the process.
5. It avoids any redundancy as information is entered only once into the system.
6. It allows for the use of the best business practices.

Important Aspects of an ERP Software System

In order to judge the efficacy of an ERP software system, a company has to look into the following aspects:

1. Financial Management: Sound financial administration is an essential aspect of an eBusiness software system. A financial management module ensures that the company takes good care of its financial liabilities and tax requirements. Managers can also track expenses in real time and, hence, monitor cash flow within the organization. This will boost the financial performance of a company and also ensure timely & accurate financial reporting.

2. Human Resource Management: The HRM aspect of ERP is no longer restricted to mere employee management, their pay structures etc. The latest ERP solutions can undertake a number of tasks, including skills management, work scheduling, resource hiring, performance tracking, attendance and more. In short, this solution provides a customized insight into the complete HR process of a company.

3. Customer Relationship Management: Customers are the most important aspect of any business and no one can afford to lose them. As a result, customer relationship management (CRM) is of extreme importance to any organization. A customer oriented ERP business software solution ensures timely information flow between the customer, and the sales and marketing teams.

No two businesses have the same working model, as they differ in their profit objectives, production, distribution and other processes. So, one ERP system cannot work for every organization. A sound ERP software system is one that caters to the specific needs of a particular business environment and remains current via unobtrusive and hassle free updates.

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